Economic Impact

Economic Impact Study of Moving a Season of Football Outside of BCS

This direct spending generated the following economic impacts in Brazos County in 2011:

Local tax receipts of $5.8 million
$56 million in household income
2,400 jobs, representing nearly 3% of employment in the County

Most of these jobs are generated for students. An Oxford Economics survey of businesses in Brazos County found that part time student employment increased 60% while full time student employment increased 10% during last football season.

If Texas A&M home games were played outside of Brazos County, the impacts would be severe. More than $63 million in direct business activity would be lost in a single year, representing 53% of the economic impacts of home games.

Including the local supply chain (indirect impacts) and effects of incomes spent in the local economy (induced impacts), the loss to Brazos County businesses would reach $86 million in a single season and $173 million over two seasons.

The economic losses would also be felt by local government and households. If home games left Brazos County for just one year, the impacts would measure:

Local tax losses of $2.8 million
$21 million in household income forfeited
955 lost Brazos County jobs

Local businesses confirmed these statistical findings. In the event that home games left Brazos County for a year, 66% or two-thirds of respondents stated that the impact would be significant or catastrophic to their businesses. If home games were played outside of the area for two years, this share rises to 74%, with nearly one-third of respondents saying the impact would be catastrophic and their business would not survive.

About Oxford Economics

Oxford Economics is one of the world's foremost global forecasting and research consultancies. Oxford Economics was founded in 1981 as a commercial venture with Oxford University's business college to provide economic advice and forecasts to international organisations, governments and blue-chip companies. Since then, we have become one of the world's foremost independent global forecasting firms, producing projections, analysis and data on 190 countries, 85 industrial sectors and over 2,500 sub-regions and cities.

Oxford Economics employs over 70 people in Oxford, London, Belfast, New York, Philadelphia, UAE and Singapore, including more than 60 professional economists and industry specialists. We specialise in global quantitative analysis and evidence-based business and public-policy advice, underpinned by a sophisticated portfolio of business forecasting services consisting of regularly updated reports, databases and models on countries, cities and industries.

Oxford Economics is renowned for its econometric-based consulting and research services, including economic impact studies, scenario analysis, business modelling, market sizing, stress testing and economic policy analysis. The firm is distinguished by the quality of its quantitative analysis, calibre of its staff and close links with Oxford University. We offer the market's most widely-used integrated Global Economic and Industry Models.

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